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Curiosity - Off World Drive

Composed/Performed by Randy Wilson


Off World Drive is not a world famous piece at all but is an original instrumental. It is included because this tune uses some different approaches to presenting music visually than the other music. 


The ground terrain of this piece is composed of electronic instruments; electronic drums, bass synthesizer, and synthesizer keyboards.  Above this rhythmic bed are two lead instruments; mute trumpet and tenor sax. These instruments are suspended midair above the other parts and create a "fusionish" feel to the music. The landscape in these scenes has a lunar style. Drums are blue horizontal lines and the Synth Bass in red vertical lines. Other materials are taken from musical instruments or are space related. Some scenes include the CARET symbology from UFO lore. The synthesizer part shown here is not presented with standard volume contours but the notes are stripped down to simple long sustained bars on the pitches played and are covered with rows of keyboards. This gives the keys an architectural look that resembles a transportation system. 


Earlier music is in front with upcoming music in the distance. The sky and ground are silent.

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